My Life As I Want to Tell It – Gracie Hansen

Donnie Horn and triangle! productions present a new streaming presentation, My Life As I Want to Tell It – The Gracie Hansen Documentary, presented as a replacement for their previously-announced March show, Significant Other.

The hour-long documentary tells the tale of Hansen from her humble beginnings as a child in Shreveport Louisiana to her run for Governor of Oregon in 1970. Hansen grabbed the world by its horns and when she ran for governor here, her slogan was The Best Governor Money Can Buy.

The documentary is voiced by Julianna Jaffe who played Hansen in the 2014 musical Gracie: A Musical Adventure.

The show was written and directed by Donnie Horn and the video is by Ian Anderson-Priddy. Horn has gathered quite a collection of videos and photos into this video debut.

The show streams March 4-20 on the fiveohmtv channel, and tickets are $15 for 24-hour viewing. Fiveohmtv is a New York-based production company helping theatres produce content. 

The link to the show is See for more.

My Life As I Want to Tell It – Gracie Hansen

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