Weatherization Home Upgrades

The Multnomah County Weatherization program offers low-income homeowners home upgrades at no cost. 

The goal is to provide safer, more energy efficient and more comfortable environs in addition to reducing utility costs 25-40 percent and adding thousands of dollars worth of value to the homeowner. 

This federally-funded program works with local contractors to upgrade eligible applicants for renovations such as insulating attics; repairing/replacing heating systems and old plumbing; air and duct sealing; and replacing windows and patio doors.

To qualify for the program, a household’s income must be at or below 200 percent of Federal Poverty Level. For a household of four, that translates to $52,400 annually or $4,366 monthly. 

Qualifying residents who live in an apartment building are encouraged to have their property owner apply.

“It’s truly a win-win situation,” said Gary Walsworth, a County Weatherization specialist. “Homeowners get safer, healthier and more affordable homes, and it helps make Multnomah County more environmentally friendly. We are literally giving homeowners a home upgrade at no cost to them.” 

Visit to fill out a Weatherization Program Pre-Screen Form to determine what services one is eligible for. 

For program participants or for additional questions, call 503.988.7423 or email

Weatherization Home Upgrades

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