Backyard Harvest Program

The Portland Fruit Tree Project (PFTP) offers a variety of programs and services, including backyard harvests. The harvests are a resource for homeowners who have more fruit than they can eat, want to prevent food waste and want their fruit to help feed those who are nutritionally insecure. 

From June to November (harvest season), the PFTP works with volunteers to harvest excess fruit from the yards of Portland residents donating the best of it to nearby food security organizations and programs.

Harvests are prioritized where families are unable to pick the fruit themselves and those who have such an abundance of fruit that a big group of volunteers is necessary in order to pick it all. 

PFTP has a minimum suggested fee of $75 for each harvest, with all fees and donations going directly to equity-based programming and to alleviate issues of food and nutrition insecurity in the Portland area.

Those interested in having their trees harvested can sign up online at A limited number of harvest slots are available and requests are reviewed on a rolling basis. 

Those interested in volunteering in a backyard harvest can see to complete a 10-20 minute online training, sign the digital waiver and then sign up to volunteer.

Backyard Harvest Program

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