Partnership Brings Bridge Lights Back

Nights over the Willamette will once again be vibrantly alive with color due to the replacement of the Morrison Bridge Lights after a 24-month hiatus. 

The partnership between the nonprofit Willamette Light Brigade (known for the Portland Winter Light Festival) and Multnomah County has allowed for the creation of the Lighting Partner program.

The program offers opportunities for private citizens and organizations to transform the city through nightly custom lighting on the piers of the Morrison Bridge. 

New lights, an in-kind donation of updated LED lighting fixtures by Griven USA and Northern Illumination Company, LLC, are brighter and three times more efficient than the previous lights.

Program organizers hope both private individuals and public institutions will take advantage of the program to share their messages with the city in a safe and fun way. 

To book your personal color scheme, visit for available dates. Pricing begins at $150 per day with discounts for multiple day orders on consecutive dates.

Two June dates have been scheduled for custom lighting. June 4 recognizes National Gun Violence Awareness Day and Wear Orange Weekend. June 7 celebrates the talent of the artist known as Prince on his birthday.

“The Willamette River and its bridges have always created a sense of identity for Portland,” says Ed Slavin, Chair of the Willamette Light Brigade Board of Directors, and owner of Northern Illumination Company, LLC, a local lighting manufacturer’s representative. 

“We seek to provide an opportunity for organizations and individuals to enhance our city’s night-time experience and put their own colors out for the world to see. Lighting the Morrison Bridge is a great way to participate in civic discourse.”

Partnership Brings Bridge Lights Back

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