Letter to the Editor August 2021

To the Editor:             

I am responding to the article by Gabe Frayne in the July 2021 issue, “North Tabor Freeway Noise.” 

It is interesting that folks seem to be just noticing this now. 

I’ve been living in the North Tabor neighborhood for 18 years and the repetitive sound of late night motorcycle racing on the freeway has been well established for at least five years pre-pandemic, if not longer. 

It is such a common noise puncturing the night, that it is tantamount to the daily freight trains that often scream up the hill at any and all hours of the night and early morning. 

While we can’t do much about the trains (progress: “the spice must flow”), I have never observed any enforcement of  speed limits on our little stretch of freeway. It is the same with speeders barrelling down NE 67th Ave., a freeway outlet street. 

Several years ago there was an apparent effort to clock motorists there with a speed reader. That came and went and there was no change in driver behavior whatsoever on that street. I’ve observed countless people going 45-55 mph or above regularly on that street. The posted speed is 20. 

Maybe one out of a thousand people actually drives 25 mph there, but I have never seen any enforcement for as long as I’ve lived in the neighborhood. 

We seem to be in a forgotten pocket of the city where people just do as they please without consequence or regard for rule or law.

Lisa Gorlin

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Letter to the Editor August 2021

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