Public Comment Period on Bullseye Glass

The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) is seeking public comment on a draft public health assessment documenting the agency’s analysis of health risks related to Bullseye Glass, a colored art glass manufacturing facility on SE 21st Ave. 

The full, 186-page public health assessment can be found at .

A four-page summary fact sheet, , is available as well. 

The public comment period for the public health assessment is open until Tuesday, September 7. Comments can be emailed to or mailed to Oregon Health Authority – EHAP, 800 Oregon St., Suite 640, Portland, OR 97232.

In the draft public health assessment, OHA was not able to conclude whether people breathing air near Bullseye Glass were affected by long-term past exposure to emissions because there was not enough information about conditions prior to the reduction of emissions in February 2016.

The draft assessment confirmed:  

  • Levels of metals measured in the air around Bullseye Glass during October 2015 were not high enough to harm the health of people who only breathed it during one month. 

  • Exposure to soil, garden produce and air around Bullseye Glass since February 2016 will not harm health. 

  • Interventions to reduce emissions from Bullseye Glass reduced current and future cancer risk more than 50 times and non-cancer risk more than 100 times. 

  • Based on the October 2015 air monitoring data, the contaminants that posed the greatest risk around Bullseye Glass were cadmium and arsenic.

“We recognize this report doesn’t directly answer questions about health risks from breathing air around Bullseye Glass for years in the past. That may be disappointing to some people. It certainly is to us,” said David Farrer, Ph.D., toxicologist with the Environmental Public Health Assessment Program (EHAP) at the OHA Public Health Division. 

“What they can be assured of is that levels of air toxics were greatly reduced in February 2016 and haven’t posed a health risk since then.”

For more information on OHA’s EHAP, the public health assessment process, and how to submit public comment, visit

Public Comment Period on Bullseye Glass

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