Ruth Ross’ Self/Conscious – Gallery 114

Ruth Ross’ new show, Self/Conscious and guest Kathryn Cellerini Moore’s Matter Splatter Spectrum Scatter is up on the walls at Gallery 114, 1100 NW Glisan St., through July 31.

Ross’ work is fascinated by remnants of history she finds in old tattered fabric and stained lace, aprons and undergarments.  

“I am now 78 years old,” she said. “The drama of my younger self, making an appearance, either personal or product, is no longer my drama. My drama is in my interaction with what is in me hidden in my psyche, hidden in my memory.”  

Matter Splatter Spectrum Scatter features interdisciplinary artist Kathryn Cellerini Moore presenting work in video, sound, mixed-media sculpture and paintings.

“Salt Splatter” by KC Moore

“It’s a call for mindfulness about the spaces we inhabit and affect,” Moore said, “and an invitation to reflect upon elements in the environment, such as light energy, that may be absent from sight or mind, yet are absolutely magnificent in presence and impact.”, Friday-Sunday, 12-5 pm and by appointment. 

“Drama Queen” by Ruth Ross

Ruth Ross’ Self/Conscious – Gallery 114

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