Our Fires

Much has come to light in the last decade regarding Portland’s treatment of its Black community when displacement and planned gentrification in the city’s Black neighborhoods are considered. Now, a new audio documentary podcast, Our Fires, tells the struggles of these neighborhoods through personal histories and presented in three parts. 

OB Hill, Donna Maxey and Cleo Davis, from three generations, recall their families’ stories and journey through nearly a century of discriminatory city planning that has uprooted entire neighborhoods.

Businessman and historian Hill described the history of displacement of Oregon’s Black community as a “rolling crap-game” in which setting down roots in the attempt to build generational wealth was treated by the city much like illegal gambling. 

The series begins with Hill’s account of living in Vanport in the first installment. Listen now at tinyurl.com/OurFires or on Spotify, iTunes or Soundcloud.

Our Fires

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