Mt. Tabor Seeks Board Members

The Friends of Mt. Tabor Park (FMTP) is currently accepting candidates to fill at least three openings on their 11-member Board of Directors. The organization are the volunteer stewards of the 197-acre Mt. Tabor Park that work to keep it safe, clean and beautiful.

FMTP operates three major volunteer-run services: the Visitors Center, the Weed Warriors who restore the park’s natural habitat, and the Foot Patrols who clean up litter and improve park security. 

Their newest initiative is the Urban Nature Series of guided walks and workshops on Sunday afternoons emphasizing the natural beauty of the park and the importance of large, urban forests.

Board members attend eight meetings per year, serve on committees and take on special projects. Normal Board terms are three years in length although one of the open seats is for two years due to a recently vacated position. There are no spelled-out residency, age or other legal criteria to run for the Board. 

FMTP is looking for people with passion and energy who want to work collectively to maintain and improve park services. 

Applicants should have access to email, the ability to attend meetings via Zoom currently and in-person meetings in the greater Mt. Tabor area once the pandemic eases. 

Some Board members contribute less than five hours per month for their duties while others spend upwards of 20 hours depending on the projects they undertake and the Board positions they hold. 

Those interested in applying can find out more about the organization at Read their annual report ( and observe the Board in action at their Monday, January 17 and Monday, February 21 meetings. 

To join one of these Board meetings, email Board Chair Steve Law at for the link.

To apply, send a letter of interest to Law at the above email address. In the letter, tell the Board about yourself, explain why you’re interested and what you’d bring to the Board, such as related Board, nonprofit or environmental stewardship experiences. 

The deadline to apply is Monday, March 7 and candidates will be selected at the Monday, March 14 Board meeting.

Questions can be directed to Law via email or 503.422.2492 or Vice-Chair Kathleen Cornett at

Mt. Tabor Seeks Board Members

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