Plan Ahead for Severe Weather

As we navigate another Portland winter, and the potential of severe weather, it’s a good idea to plan ahead. Emergency travel plans, stocking up on provisions and preparing for the most challenging conditions in advance will help to manage quickly changing weather.

Create an emergency plan that emphasizes working from home or taking public transit when your usual method of getting to work is disrupted, and keep co-workers and employers apprised. 

Set up an emergency meeting location or communications plan in case members of your household are caught away from home, unable to return or delayed in doing so. 

Keep on top of road conditions with the Portland Bureau of Transportation’s (PBOT) Winter Weather Center, . The site shows plow activity and routes, road closures and elevation. 

Sign up for public alerts at and PBOT alerts at to receive notifications by text or email.

Stock up on provisions such as food, water, clothes and medications for you, your family and your pets in case you are stuck at home. 

A three-day supply that includes a light/fuel source is a good place to start. 

For drivers, carry an emergency weather kit that includes tire chains, a snow shovel, bag of sand or inexpensive kitty litter to help with traction, first aid kit, jumper cables, blanket/sleeping bag and warm clothing/footwear, granola bars/snacks and water, cellphone, charger and flashlight. 

Even for those that aren’t traveling far, it’s a good idea to be prepared for significant traffic delays when severe weather strikes. 

Those who usually park on the street should be prepared to move cars off snow and ice routes to make room for snow plows and other equipment.

Plan Ahead for Severe Weather

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