Find Mermaids on the Screen and at the Waterfront

The last week of July is Mermaid Week at the Clinton Street Theater (CST), coinciding with the Portlandia Mermaid Parade that takes place on July 30. 

The week’s lineup of movies at CST includes the 1976 Czechoslovakian New Wave film, The Little Mermaid, the Portland premiere of Erzulie and a bold, genre-defying, horror-musical mashup from Polish director Agnieszka Smoczynska entitled, The Lure. All shows at 7 pm, except The Little Mermaid which begins at 8 pm. More information and tickets ($6-$15 depending on show) at

With the CST shows being in the evening, there’s plenty of time to take part in or simply show up to enjoy the Portlandia Mermaid Parade & Festival, which starts at 12 pm Saturday, July 30 from Poets Beach along the waterfront (2199 SW River Pkwy). 

The “shellabration” of Queer merfolk stands together and in alliance for trans rights, visibility and compassion. The parade is a revitalization of Portland’s long artistic energy and an opportunity for creatives to have a more public forum for fantasy-based self expression. More parade details at

Find Mermaids on the Screen and at the Waterfront

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