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Hollywood Theatre’s Movie Madness University (MMU) is “where movie lovers go to learn stuff.” In August, learn stuff about Everything Everywhere, New Zealand cinema, and director Ken Russell, in two separate classes.

Starting Thursday, August 4, “Everything and Everywhere (Again and Again)” is a four-week class led by Max Swanson, a filmmaker/performer, writer, educator and organizer who teaches at NW Doc and PSU and is the co-producer of local drag and art collaborative Max & Mars Present. Each week the same film will be screened, with a look at a different cinematic element that composes it from narrative and story in week one, sound in week two, imagery and mise en scene in week three and finishing with a finale discussion in week four. In that, the sociopolitical, philosophical and supernatural threads as an Asian, queer, immigrant story about ending cycles of generational harm and situate the film in the larger story of its creators lives’ and the trajectory of contemporary times will be explored. Reserve your seat at .

The four-week course on Mondays, “Intro to New Zealand Cinema,” will explore key entries in the history of New Zealand film canon and introduce actors and directors who continue to shape cinema today. MMU Lead Instructor Kia Anne Geraths, a filmmaker and educator, has taught previous classes including Documentary Filmmaking and Cult Horror of the 70s, 80s and 90s. Grab a spot at .

The first of two courses on Ken Russell run Tuesdays in August. “Ken Russell: Controversies.” Lavish, experimental, contentious and bold, Ken Russell’s films challenged audiences and garnered the director both admiration and notoriety in his 55-year career. The course will consider Russell’s most provocative and controversial films, from a sci-fi exploration of consciousness to an 80s erotic thriller to a 1971 film that’s widely considered to be one of the most controversial ever made. Kia Anne Geraths will teach the course. Snag a spot at . 

Wednesdays in August, beginning August 10, will be MMU’s “Crash Course Ken Russell: Biographies.” During the 1970s Ken Russell (best known for Women in Love and Tommy) directed a string of creative biographical films focused on artists–primarily composers as well as a sculptor and an actor. As with many of his films, Russell’s voyages into their lives are lavish, sumptuously photographed and nonlinear. His attempts at biography aren’t necessarily factually correct, but the moods invoked might be truer to reality. 

For a full lineup of the films being screened, email with “class titles” in the subject line. The course is curated by Hollywood Theatre Membership Manager Destynee Norwood. Sign up at .

Movie Madness University

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