Experience 10 immersive virtual reality worlds preloaded onto an Oculus GO headset, including The Dawn of Art, a glimpse into the Chauvet Cave 36,000 years ago where ancestors drew masterpieces, with VR TO GO. Experience some of the best virtual reality out there today, created by major international artists, filmmakers, provocateurs and storytellers—all from the comfort of your own home. 

A rental of a VR TO GO all-in-one headset allows you to experience breathtaking, unexpected and moving moments where you’re not just watching passively on the couch—you are immersed in the space and actively a part of the story. Reimagine date nights, family nights, friend hangs and me-time with a simple rental.

The selected projects change quarterly and are curated by PAM and Phi Centre, the premier multi-media hub for VR and immersive art in North America. All of the featured projects have won awards at major international festivals and are considered some of the best work in the world, showcasing the possibilities of what’s next. Through August 26 the projects come from France, Belgium, Canada, the US and Taiwan.

Each 72-hour rental (Friday to Monday or Tuesday to Friday) includes the use of one Oculus GO headset pre-packaged with the immersive projects. Full instructions and a custom interface make it as simple as pointing, clicking, selecting and experiencing over 100 minutes of the best VR storytelling experiences in the world. Rentals ($50 general/$45 PAM members) available at pamcut.org/screenings-experiences/vr-to-go.


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