October Ukulele Workshops

Avery Hill, performing artist, songwriter, storyteller and teacher of music, offers two options for ukulele instruction this month, both on Saturday, October 15. In the morning (10 am), Ukulele Arrangements will be offered online via Zoom. An adaptation of the in person Ukestra Workshop, it allows solo players to participate remotely. Basic knowledge of playing ukulele from notation is recommended. Learn melodies and arrangements.

For those that prefer in-person instruction, join Hill in the afternoon (1 pm) for Beyond Basic Strumming at Lincoln St. Church, 5145 SE Lincoln St. Try new rhythms and fingerpicking patterns to liven up your ukulele repertoire; learn how to choose a strum pattern for a particular song. Full details and newsletter sign up at averyhill.studio.

October Ukulele Workshops

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