Natural Gas Cooking and Indoor Air Quality

Many factors contribute to indoor air quality, including using a natural gas stove. During a season when we may be doing more cooking inside, NW Natural has tips to keep your indoor air quality healthy.

Anytime you are cooking, it’s important to have good ventilation. Exhaust fans remove emissions directly at the stove before they mix into the surrounding area. They also increase the overall air exchange in your home, removing pollutants.

Make sure that your range hood or exhaust fan vents to the outside. If yours recirculates the air back into the kitchen, open windows or use an exhaust fan in another room while cooking.

Having carbon monoxide and smoke detectors installed is also important. Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless gas that can result from a malfunctioning natural gas stove and can be deadly.

To ensure your natural gas stove is operating correctly, a no-cost annual equipment inspection with NW Natural can be scheduled at .

Natural Gas Cooking and Indoor Air Quality

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