Shelter to Housing Continuum–Part 2 Update

The Shelter to Housing Continuum took effect in 2021 and expanded the housing and shelter options for individuals and households with extremely low incomes. The second part of it, the Shelter to Housing Continuum–Part 2 (S2HC2), is an extension that proposes several zoning code refinements previously adopted.

In September, the S2HC2 Proposed Draft was published publicly (see In October the Planning and Sustainability Commission (PCS) held a public hearing. At a November work session PSC voted to recommend approval to City Council with amendments.

With the PCS recommendation, the proposal will head to City Council for a hearing scheduled for Wednesday, February 8. Portlanders will be able to testify on the Recommended Draft, which includes the proposed changes, at that time or in writing via the MapApp ( Additionally, those interested can sign up for email updates at

Shelter to Housing Continuum–Part 2 Update

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