National Volunteer Month

April is National Volunteer Month and there is no shortage of opportunities if you have the time and inclination to lend a hand. From one-time opportunities to ongoing commitments, organizations like the United Way and VolunteerMatch can help you find something that’s right for you.

The United Way of the Columbia-Willamette’s volunteer program, Hands On Greater Portland, offers a project calendar with a variety of “done-in-a-day” opportunities, family-friendly projects, projects that can be done from home, school or church and more. Maybe an unexpected day or weekend has opened up on your calendar. Maybe your work or school observes federal holidays. Whatever the situation, there’s likely someone who would be happy to have your helping hands.

VolunteerMatch similarly offers a chronological listing of opportunities and the sorting of opportunities by virtual/in-person and areas of interest. Tech savvy? Have a soft spot for seniors? Interested in helping immigrants and refugees? These are just a few of the categories opportunities can be searched by.

In addition to opportunities for individuals and families, many corporate volunteering opportunities are available. Perhaps your employer offers a dedicated number of hours per week or year to their employees. Perhaps a group of co-workers have expressed interest in making an impact in the community. Volunteering promotes trust and camaraderie by building a sense of community among employees as they work toward a common goal and many people would prefer to work for a company that provides such opportunities.

Even if you don’t feel like there is time in your schedule right now to commit to volunteering, there might be a few minutes in your day to scroll through some available opportunities. You just might come across something that’s right up your alley when you do have time. Take a peek at or

National Volunteer Month

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