Ocean-Themed Art Show

When Anna Figueira was asked to create paintings, like the “Deep Beauty” to the left, for an “ocean-themed show” at Sidestreet Arts, she thought about the kind of work she would create. Her thoughts immediately wandered to the Pacific Ocean, a vast place she has flown over for the past 20+ years, visiting children and grandchildren in Australia. On both shores, she has explored the mysteries of tide pools, snorkeled on fragile bejeweled coral reefs, trekked along rugged cliff-top trails and walked the sunny beachside promenades. Figueira called on these memories and their related sensations and emotions to guide her painting as she prepared for the show.

Figueira is one of three artists in Sidestreet Arts’ July show, “Summer Idyll.” The month-long show kicks off with the First Friday Artwalk July 5, with artists in the studio, and runs through Saturday, July 27. Joining Figueira are artists Denise Krueger and Jude Welter. Krueger has been working in the ceramic medium for 25 years making hand-built earthenware sculptures inspired by natural forms, landscapes and the “bloopiness” nature of clay. Her pods (“Blue Sea Urchin Pod” to the right) were born out of a hand-building class she took. In her SE Portland home studio, she works to find the perfect combination of clay and glaze.

Welter has been employed as an artist in many different capacities over the course of the last five decades. Currently, she works from her studio in Oregon City and enjoys having her artworks (like “Seahorse” to the right) in various galleries in the Portland metro area and beyond. It has also been a joy to be able to live part-time near the Pacific Ocean where it meets the Oregon coast, providing never-ending inspiration for her artwork.

Sidestreet Arts is at 140 SE 28th Ave., open Thursday-Sunday 12-5 pm, and can be found online at sidestreetarts.com.

Ocean-Themed Art Show

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