The Joy Now Arts Project

A new performing arts program for youth taught by members of March Fourth Marching Band begins January 14 and is presented at St David of Wales Church, 2800 SE Harrison.

The Joy Now Arts Project is part marching band, part circus and lots of fun. Members of March Fourth (Portland’s, big band, carnival, circus spectacular) invite youth ages 12-18 to join a new, exciting year-long after school arts program. Explore new skills and discover how to use creativity as a tool for self expression and action. Students get to perform in public, parade, write music, make art and rock out.

Directors Robin Jackson and Ariel Brantley-Dalglish are among a few March Fourth members to create a youth program. “We wanted to create something wild and original that would focus on cultivating creativity and artistic passion as much as it would help foster a greater sense of self-worth and confidence in the youth participating,” says Brantley-Dalglish.

The Project has hosted two summer camps and weekend workshops over the last two years. Students have paraded down Alberta Street during Last Thursday, performed at Director Park, the Secret Society and the Crystal Ballroom. At the culmination of this winter session, students will open for March Fourth at their 10th Anniversary Show, Sunday, March 3 at the Crystal Ballroom. Registration is now open for the January 14  – March 6 session. For more information see .

The Joy Now Arts Project

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