Letters to the Editor March 2013

Dear Editor,

In 10 weeks on May 21, we will be voting on the fluoride issue. Please tell (and remind again later) 10 of your friends to vote NO! and ask them to tell 10 friends. We do not have the millions of the fluoride industry but we do have wise people power who know:

1. Everybody has different medical needs. People with diabetes, kidney, liver and thyroid disorders and those with osteoporosis are advised by doctors to avoid fluoridated water.

The ADA and Am. Assoc. of Pediatricians advises babies formula be made with NO fluoridated water. Babies only excrete about 10% of all they ingest.  The rest of the fluoride is stored in their skeletons and pineal gland in their brains. Fluoride is a registered neurotoxin and recent studies by Harvard link fluoride overexposure with reduced IQs.

2. We all accrete fluoride in our bodies over time, which can lead to overexposure. A 2006 Nat. Academy Of Sciences study found that 41% of adolescents in US have dental fluorosis, permanent damage to tooth enamel caused by overexposure to fluoride!

Fluoride is in many pesticides and therefore on many crops and in most processed foods. Animals that drink fluoridated water produce fluoridated meat.  Etc!  There is even already some fluoride naturally occurring in our drinking water already.

3.  Drinking fluoridation chemicals will not protect your teeth.  Fluoride is most effective applied topically to teeth. There is no added benefit to drinking it and even the ADA and CDC admit there are serious health risks.

Fluoride is not a necessary vitamin or mineral required for human health. Calcium and vitamin D rich foods., dental care and good oral hygiene with limited sweets are the requirements for good teeth. (All Multnomah County Public school kids can get free fluoride rinses or tablets if parents opt them in.

Consider this: Kentucky has fluoridated more of its public water than any other state but they lead the nation in edentulism (toothlessness from decay).

4.  99% of fluoride chemicals in our water will go straight out into our ecosystem.  The fluoride ion is so tiny it can not be filtered out by sanitation filters.

Bees have been found to be highly sensitive to fluoride. It is in many pesticides. Salmon runs have been disrupted by the presence of fluoride in the water.  Birds, pets and wildlife can easily be overexposed as they accrete fluoride in their bodies too.

For detailed references, visit: Fluoridealert.org .

Jen Davis



In last month’s SE Updates, “Awards”, the following appeared: “AARP Oregon and Help Advocacy Solutions: $1,500 for outreach to create Eastside Village, an aging-in-place community”.

It should have read: “Eastside Village PDX: $1,500 for outreach to create Portland’s first grassroots aging-in-place community”.

The SE Examiner apologizes for the error.

Letters to the Editor March 2013

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