…assemblage by Jenifer Renzel Friday April 5 at Gallery6PDX, 131 NE 6th Ave., with a 5 pm opening. See it on the walls through the end of the month.


This is the first show in Portland for Renziel and her thoughtful, mercurial shadow box assemblage gets better each time you look at them. Filled with tiny oddities and creatures from her imagination and cobbled with objects collected from flea markets, estate sales and the streets, each piece is a whole world and an intricate dreamscape.

Renziel says “I like to think that I have a knack for looking at an old object and seeing it as the beginning of a new microcosm, a self-contained page out of a never-read fairy tale.”

Gallery phone is 503.206.7280. See . Hours are Friday – Sunday Noon -5 pm and by appointment.


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