Neighborhood Notes Mt Tabor April 203

By Kate Mitchell


MTNA gears up for its annual Neighborhood Cleanup, April 27 from 9 am to 1 pm at Mt. Tabor Middle School. It will be a joint effort with the North Tabor Neighborhood Association. Paul Leistner displayed a large sign at out March 20 meeting that will be used to promote the Cleanup, and fellow board members will be helping out

Adam and Julia Murphy, who live at SE Division St. and 62nd Ave, spoke in support of the Division Street Safety Project. The Murphys have experienced difficult situations accessing their driveway and using the sidewalk along Division and do not feel it is safe.  They feel that the changes proposed would increase safety.

The project is built around a proposal to reconfigure the lanes on Division from 60th to 80th from two lanes in each direction to one traffic lane in each direction with a dedicated turn lane down the center and bike lanes on the sides.

Rob Bayley questioned whether the traffic flow would decrease in volume and is concerned about the feasibility of the proposed changes.

Paul Leistner stated the goal is to accommodate all types of users on the street. SE Division is now considered one of the 10 most dangerous streets in the city.

Campus President Jessica Howard, Christine Egan and Bill Stauffer reported on the progress of construction at the SE campus of Portland Community College, expanding from 11,000 students to 18,000.

Commercial spaces will be available for rent in the two new buildings on SE 82nd and SE Division.  Entrance/exit traffic and parking on SE Division has been closed during construction and has been relocated to property further north on 82nd. Parking patrol staff has been increased to ensure the adjacent neighborhood is not being affected. PCC is applying for a grant to improve bicycle infrastructure on the campus, as well as implement a bicycle renting program for students.  There is potential for increasing parking as enrollment increases and efforts are being made to encourage alternatives to driving.

Steve Stenberg, vice president for operations of Warner Pacific College, was approved as a new member of the Board. The college borders Mt. Tabor Park, and students, faculty and staff support or are involved in many neighborhood activities.

The next meeting will be Wednesday, April 17, at 7 pm at Mt. Tabor Presbyterian Church, SE 54th and Belmont. Social time starts at 6:45 pm.

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Neighborhood Notes Mt Tabor April 203

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