Two Rivers, Three Sisters

…is the story of a river and a community coming together and refocusing. This forty-foot long quilted fiber masterpiece is made of seventeen quilt panels. It’s on exhibit through September 28 at the Architectural Heritage Center, 701 SE Grand Ave.

agmTwenty Central Oregon quilters were invited to participate in its creation. Each quilter was selected because of their individual style. The result unites this variety of styles into a mighty river song.

The Metolius River and Whychus Creek are wild rivers framing the Sisters mountains. The recently-recchristened river Whychus, a name forgotten for a century, runs through every panel of this quilt. This showcase of rich artistic talent, vast landscapes and partnerships articulates the importance of this river to the community. Thanks to the efforts of many partners, water once again flows in Whychus Creek and native fish are returning to spawn for the first time in 40 years. See or phone 503.231.7264.

Two Rivers, Three Sisters

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