Sacred Harp Festival

The turn of the season brings the singing of the annual Sacred Harp Festival, October 19 and 20 Laurelhurst Club, 3721 SE Ankeny. The walls will ring again with wild and hoary harmonies of the nation’s oldest form of song.

Portland Sacred Harp invites anyone who loves to sing to the 22nd Annual Singing Convention. Sacred Harp singing (aka “shapenote” singing) is experiencing a revival and people come together to make raucous, exuberant music for two days of singing unaccompanied four-part harmony from the Sacred Harp Tunebook, in use since 1844.

There are no rehearsals or performances and no single leader, as singers take turns among themselves to lead songs. Tunebooks will be available to borrow for the day or for purchase.

There’s a traditional potluck, the “dinner-on-the-grounds”. and the event is free though donations are most welcome. Best of all, it’s open to all ages and no experience is required.

This year’s gathering opens with a free singing school Saturday 9:30-11 am, led by John del Re from Virginia. See for more.


Sacred Harp Festival

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