Division/Clinton Business News

DCBA Pres.: Jean Baker

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Meetings: 3rd Tuesday

OHSU Family Medicine at Richmond 

7:30 am 

3930 SE Division



Division and Clinton Streets remain full of construction, traffic jams and businesses on their way in and out. Time Bomb Vintage at 35th Place is gone.  So is Bay Leaf Restaurant at 48th. Maison Exotique opened at 3735 SE Division. Artifact’s new sign is up as is Double Dragon’s. Café Pallino is gone to be replaced by another pizza place. 2865 is still papered after nearly a year. Pizzacato’s store at 21st is closed with no new activity. The Richmond Bar at 32th has received good reviews for both food and drink. Hours are 4 pm – 2 am, Monday – Sunday. Think of Genie’s at 11th as the place to have an incredible brunch. Check out the possibilities on their website and get there before 9:30 am to avoid a long wait.

Realtor Inhabit Portland is moving into the Division building at 3121 SE Division.  Owner Eric Hagstette and his entire staff are looking forward to doing business here. Dilly’s Bar & Grill at 20th and Division has gone out of business. The building is papered with no signs of activity. Lane Gallery is renamed Gila Lane Studio as Gila returns to concentrating on her own artistic work. She will continue to take part in First Fridays. Compote on Clinton, is undergoing a transformation and will reopen with a new name, a new menu and a new style. It is scheduled to open in December.

The Walk In clinic at 42nd continues to grow. Assistance with application for Affordable Care coverage is available by appointment at the clinic on 39th. A resident on 34th between Division and Clinton has asked the City to review the one long block.  DCBA has requested that no studies be done until all the construction is over and there is a clear idea of how traffic and parking has changed because of all the public and private construction.

Division Streetscape construction will cease in the commercial areas of Division and Clinton during the shopping season and until January 2, 2014. Private development will probably continue. Bioswale planting and tree replacement on sidestreets and residential areas on Division will continue, weather permitting. Joseph Annett from BES remains available. Contact him at 503.823.2934 or joseph.annett@portlandoregon.gov.


Division/Clinton Business News

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