In Mulieribus

In Mulieribus is the eight-member female vocal ensemble dedicated to music written primarily before 1750. With Anna Song conducting, the group presents Nowell Syng We: Songs and Carols from Medieval England Sunday, Dec. 22 at St. Philip Neri Church, 2408 SE 16th Ave. The concert begins at 7 pm and tickets are $25, $20 and $15 students/seniors.

aIN-MULIERIBUScropped This concert of Advent and Christmas carols and songs from the 14th and 15th centuries is drawn from the English Selden carol book and the Ritson manuscript. The group is premiering Cum natus esset Iesus, by the celebrated British composer Ivan Moody. For advance tickets or info see or call 503.283.2913.



In Mulieribus

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