TapWater, Portland’s World Twang Orchestra, consists of Steve Moore, Timmy Jones, Rudy Slizewski, Ravi Laird, Arcellus Sykes and Simon Lucas – musicians curious about how different cultures produce music. They study, explore and borrow from genres across the world and delight in their desire to run it all through their uniquely American filter. They also make great music.

This very original band plays a final show before a three month hiatus on Wednesday, December 11 at The Goodfoot, 2845 SE Stark St. The break comes as Slizewski has been invited to train and perform with a group for Carnival in Brazil.

TapWater’s latest release was produced by Steve Berlin, 7 time Grammy winner and member of Los Lobos. It features guests from War, The Motet and James Brown’s former percussionist.

The show starts at 9:30 pm and opening will be Trio Subtonic (with special guest guitarist Dan Balmer). $7/ 21+over.

Get a preview at www.TapWaterMusic.com and www.TrioSubtonic.com .