—  Got health insurance yet?  If not, the Coalition of Community Health Clinics (CCHC) is providing a place to get questions answered and enroll in Cover Oregon insurance plans in downtown Portland.

CCHC has been authorized by Cover Oregon to provide assistance with individual or household enrollment in the Oregon Health Plan, or the assortment of qualified health plans offered through the State’s insurance marketplace.  Every Friday afternoon from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. starting on February 7, Application Assisters will staff Cover Oregon drop-in hours at 619 SW 11th Avenue, Portland (the United Way Building).  Enrollment appointments can be made for other times and locations in Multnomah County by calling 503-546-4991 or emailing

Quick Facts About Cover Oregon

With the federal Affordable Care Act, there are changes to the health insurance system that make it easier for people to get insurance.  Cover Oregon makes public or private health insurance available to individuals and families who do not have insurance, or who want to find less expensive insurance.  Having health coverage protects individuals and families from large medical bills.   It also makes it easier to get medical care at a clinic or hospital.

  • People cannot be denied coverage because of pre-existing health conditions. There is no physical exam required to qualify for insurance.
  • Recent immigrants and undocumented residents can still qualify for some health insurance (CAWEM).
  • There is no longer a lottery system for the Oregon Health Plan (OHP).  Those eligible for OHP can enroll all year round through Cover Oregon.
  • Those who do not qualify for OHP may qualify for financial assistance to pay for other health insurance plans.
  • Starting this year, with a few exemptions, everyone is required to have health insurance.


About the Coalition of Community Health Clinics

The Coalition of Community Health Clinics (CCHC) is a non-profit network of 14 safety-net clinic members across the Portland-metropolitan area. Coalition clinics provide high quality, culturally appropriate care to all patients, regardless of age, race/ethnicity, gender identification, or insurance status. CCHC clinics welcome those who are uninsured, underserved, low-income, disabled, or who might be struggling with addictions, homelessness, or mental health issues.  Coalition clinics offer primary, preventive, and integrative medical services from a broad range of health traditions:  allopathic (conventional) medicine, naturopathic, chiropractic, acupuncture and Chinese medicine.

For more information about the Coalition of Community Health Clinics visit or call 503-546-4991.


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