Richmond March 14

By Allen Field


At the February meeting, Rolando Aquilizan from PPS and Steve Olson from DOWA/IBI architecture explained plans for rebuilding of Franklin H.S., to take place in 2015-2016. The school will be closed, and students will attend Marshall H.S. for the two years. The central historic buildings will remain.  Some newer structures will be removed and new buildings will be sited to complement the historic central structure. Capacity will increase from 1500 to 1700 students.

Developer Guy Bryant described and showed rough plans for his 2-unit project at 1525 SE 35th Pl. The existing 1895 house will be removed.  Bryant said the “rowhouse”style building would have garages in front, but tucked down under the front of the units.

Two property owners sought RNA support for zone changes to take place as part of the Comprehensive Plan Update:

Reed Dow described proposed a zone change for his property at 2425 SE 35th Place, the parking lot north of the Wine Coop. He proposes the lot’s zone be changed from R-5 to CS, to match the building. This would allow construction of a one-story building to enclose the wine and grape storage now taking place on the parking lot.  The board voted to support this, while requesting some height restrictions

Pamela Birkel asked for support for a change of zoning on her property at 5134 SE Division, from R-1 to CS for the lot, at the corner of 52nd and Division. The change would allow more units to be built, and make the property more valuable. Many neighbors objected to the increased number of units that would be allowed, and parking it would bring. Some board members noted this was the right place to put such mixed-use buildings. In a final vote, the Board supported instead a change from R-1 to CN-1.

Liz Mahon, PBOT gave an update on Division Streetscape construction

Matthew Machado of PBOT described a request for traffic signage changes on SE 32nd Ave. PBOT found no changes were called for at this time. Regarding a proposal by resident Mark Zahner to change 34th between Division and Clinton to one-way north, with a contra-flow southbound bike lane, Machado said  PBOT did not support the change at this time, but would study the bicycle safety issue after the Division Streetscape project is finished.

RNA voted to send Heather Flint-Chatto, Cyd Manro and Sean Barnett as RNA representatives, as well as Debbie Hochhalter as a neighbor representative, to the new Design on Division committee now being formed.

The next RNA meeting is March 10, 7 – 9 pm, at Waverly Church, 3300 SE Woodward, and will include a candidates’ forum for Multnomah Co. District 1 and Oregon House District 42.


Richmond March 14

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