Saturday June 28 • 8 pm

Artichoke  Music

3130 SE Hawthorne Blvd.

$10 – All ages welcome


adick-WColorado instrumentalist, music legend and songwriter Dick Weissman began his career with folk supergroup The Journeymen in the pre-Beatle days of the “Great Folk Scare”. He has been performing and writing music for fifty years. His latest CD, Near and Far was recorded in Portland and released in 2013. Weissman’s compositions and tunings for banjo are unconventional, inventive and innovative.

aQ-mugBrian Cutean resides in Oregon at least part of the year, tours nationally, has performed at Oregon Country Fair for more than 25 years and is always on the move. With an animated and unusual writing voice in these days of swift change, overwhelming news and a manufactured culture, his 30 years of albums include the recent wordless Guitarred and Feathered and a just-recorded ee cummings poem in a musical setting like no other slated for his new album due sometime this year.