Adapted From The Novel by Daniel Defoe

May 29 – June 22,

Thursday* – Sunday at 8 pm

Action/Adventure Theater  • 1050 SE Clinton St.

Tickets: $10 online, $15 at the door, $35 four-week pass

*Thursdays are Pay What You Will



Shipwrecks! Pirates! Cannibals! Ruminations on the Bible and the Nature of Providence! The Listing of Pros and Cons! Learning to Grow Crops and Raise Goats! This fake-autobiography/adventure story/early example of naturalistic fiction/religious polemic has a little something for everyone. Defoe was a Puritan who wanted to write a book about Divine Providence; Action/Adventure is a pack of Humanists and Heathens who think this novel is ripe for comedy and fun. Imagine Stephen Colbert–the character, not the actor–stuck in the world of Cast Away.