Bud Breithaupt is 75 years young and his densely-layered hats and jackets are his art and part of his everyday wardrobe.

Asidestreet-Hat_1A self-taught artist, and a man of research, warmth, and intrigue, he is also an ardent socio-political critic. Every hat tells a tale of a journey: of wars gone by, battles being fought and an array of familiar faces.

Childhood memories and found objects glisten with glitter, glue, and puff paint illustrating a personal narrative of loves lost, discoveries made and an attempt to tell epic tales through art.

Breithaupt has very seldom shown his work in public. His studio is a small table in the corner of an apartment he shares with his cat. Currently he supports himself as the apartment house manager.

Through the month of August. Sidestreet Gallery hosts a show of fifteen of the extraordinary hats and jackets this thoughtful artist has created over several decades.

Sidestreet is at 140 SE 28th Ave. 503 233 1204/www.sidestreetgalleryportland.com