Hawthorne Lobster House

2422 SE Hawthorne Blvd.

Open Daily 4:30 – 10 pm


The newly-opened Hawthorne Lobster House claims to have “the best tail in Portland”. If the availability of fresh lobsters from the salt water tank in the entry and the delicious samples received by the writer is proof enough, it’s true.

alob-outVickie and Rodney Scott, April Garstin and Shelley Riesgaard, owners of the Hawthorne Lobster House, bring in lobster from New England, Mexico, Australia and Honduras to satisfy the palette of discerning lobster eaters as well as other fresh seafood, specialty meats and side dishes – something for everyone.

The idea to open a specialty lobster restaurant was conceived in Vickie and Rodney’s former downtown restaurant the Brazil Grill. Shelley Riesgarrd was their employee and April Garstin her friend. They both have a passion for the food industry and they wanted to open a restaurant using their ideas about a good dining experience.

“We are true foodies and love to try new and different cuisines when we travel,” Vickie said. On a trip to South America, they experienced delicious Brazilian churrascaria where the meat is cooked in churrasco style, which translates from the Portuguese into “barbecue”. “We were the first to serve this style of food in Portland at the Brazil Grill and people really enjoyed it, ” she said.

Sarah waits on a customer
Sarah waits on a customer

The Scotts met while working as dispatchers for Riddell Trucking Co. They became partners in love and work opening a chain of coin and jewelry stores. It was collecting for this work that got them traveling and sampling the foods of different regions.

“We learned about the New England style lobster roll and all the different lobster preparations from the east coast,” Vickie said. “One of our favorite food presentations of seafood was from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico,” she said. This is the inspiration for the seafood towers and platters.

The seafood platters are served hot and cold and include variations of: lobster tails and claws; head on and bay shrimp; steamer clams; Alaska King and Dungeness crab, stone crab-claws and oyster shooters. They are beautifully displayed and can serve up to four people. You can buy the fresh lobsters by the pound either steamed, butter poached or fried. They are also served in a variety of recipes from the delicious lobster rolls, a bisque, pescatore, cakes, cocktails and pops. They have it covered. Other seafood courses include halibut, shrimp and salmon.

April is very enthusiastic about their signature steaks. “We found a rancher in Montana where we purchase our Piedmontese beef,” she said. “If you enjoy a good steak this is one to try.” It is served as a sirloin, rib-eye or tomahawk cut. Chicken and pork are options too with an extensive side dish menu including such specialties as lobster mashed potatoes and lobster mac and cheese. The kids menu has all the right choices to keep them happy and full. They purchase their produce across the street at the Kruger Farm Market.

Lobster is one of the royalty of foods and can command a price according to your selection. The Hawthorne Lobster House can fulfill your desire to savor this delicacy from $14 for a satisfying lobster roll on up. In a recent giant lobster naming contest the name “Clawthorne” was the winner. He will not be eaten. They can live up to sixty years.

“We are proud of our desserts too,” Vickie says. “Especially the Baked Alaska–cake, ice cream and Italian meringue with Puerto Rican rum poured over it and then lit on fire.” The passionfruit mousse is a soothing dessert that stimulates digestive enzymes–especially satisfying after a filling meal.

The ocean theme is nicely done with the aquamarine color scheme, nautical memorabilia, sea-shells and original oil seascape paintings done by Vickie’s mom Norma Ostrander. A special location to experience the depth of flavors and ambiance of the sea.

Hawthorne Lobster House

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