Halloween Trinkets and Treats around Belmont

By Karen Hery


The Sunnyside neighborhood is especially magical on Halloween. Old Victorians look spooky in the dark and, at the same time, festive and welcoming with porches lit up on Halloween night.

aHalloween-horhoodTrick or treating families can get an early start this Halloween with Trinkets and Treats, a new holiday event of the Belmont Area Business Association, with businesses up and down Belmont from 33rd to 47th sharing more than candy and alternatives to candy from 4 – 7 pm.

See a complete list of places to go and the treats and trinkets shared at each neighborhood store at www.belmontdistrict.org.

Places like Cosmic Soda will be happily giving out candy to costumed kids. Families can also come into NOUN at the corner of 33rd and Belmont for one-of-a-kind buttons while picking up free cupcake coupons for later use from the new owners of Saint Cupcake.

Tara Tibetan a few doors down will have Nepalese keepsakes for kids and boxes of tea for adults. Starflower in the center of the 3400 block is the spot for special rocks and gems.

Sound Grounds at 37th will have organic gummy bears and Blue Basil Thai, a block down on 38th, is bringing back candy from their October trip to Thailand.

If the 3300 and 3400 block of Belmont is a big hike from where you live, Carpe Diem Pilates near Slappy Cakes, and Belmont Eco Laundry and Absolutely You Salon at 47th/48th are also Treats and Trinkets participating businesses.

Hawthorne Gardens Senior Living Center at 2828 SE Taylor St. adds to the fun for all of us by again hosting a neighborhood haunted house, crafts and games this year from 6 to 8 pm.

Whatever your family shares and whatever is shared with you as kids come around the neighborhood on Halloween, the Know Your Neighbor’s Foundation, is bringing back the Halloween trading post that used to exist a few years back at the Sunnyside Swap Shop Co-op.

From 6 to 8 pm on Halloween night in the tented area in front of the Belmont Fire Station at 35th and Belmont, kids can freely trade one type of candy for another, and candy for trinkets, toys, stuffed animals and books at no charge.

If you would enjoy volunteering at this Halloween trading post (a fun place to be on Halloween) or are inspired by this article to give out special trinkets or treats that you would like other families and neighborhood businesses to know about, the online of Trinkets and Treats locations list will be updated at www.knowyourneighbors.org until Halloween.

Email your Trinkets and Treats information to karenhery@gmail.com.

Halloween Trinkets and Treats around Belmont

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