By Joanna Beatty


The Montavilla neighborhood is as unique as the people that live here. What is your vision for the future of this place we call home? Montavilla Neighborhood Association (MNA) is actively recruiting for elected board member positions to help move our work forward. Your time, talent and ideas can be utilized in an area that most interests you. In return, you’ll meet new people, gain skills and knowledge, and see Montavilla in a whole new light!

Board positions will be elected at our Monday, October 13 general meeting. All elected positions will serve two-year terms. Candidates must be members of the MNA.  Experience is great, but not required for any position. More information about board membership can be found in MNA’s by-laws, which are on our website, For questions or to be on the ballot, email

Bring a neighbor and join us in voting in our new board, Monday, October 13 at 7:30 pm, Montavilla United a Methodist Church, is at 232 SE 80th.