Oregon Koto-Kai (OKK) performs their third anniversary concert, Saturday, November 8 at Epworth United Methodist Church, 1333 SE 28th Ave. Doors open at 6:30 pm and the concert begins at 7 pm.

Mitsuki Dazai

Mitsuki Dazai

The koto is a thirteen string instrument with thirteen moveable bridges from ancient Japan, originally brought from China in the 7th century as a part of Gagaku ensemble music. These days, traditional Japanese music has been changed by the influence of western music.

The program includes Aka Tombo (Red Dragonflies), Hana Sumire (Violet Flowers) and Ginyuka (Songs of Troubadours). Instructor and KotoKai founder Mitsuki Dazai will perform  a solo koto piece as well, Tomas Svoboda’s; Autumn Op. 110. Svoboda taught composition and music theory for over 25 years at PSU.

They group performed this year at Green Show, Ashland’s Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Newberg’s Camellia Festival and Portland’s Festival Japan.

Tickets are $15/adult  $10/senior & student. There are limited seats and reservations are recommended. See www.oregonkotokai.org or inquire by email: info@oregonkotokai.org or phone 541.513.6417.