South Tabor December 2014

By Jana Throckmorton


STNA voted to go on the record in support of the MTNA comments to the Historic Landmarks Commission (HLC), as part of the Land Use Review process required before the Water Bureau can disconnect the reservoirs. The comments include an excellent review of relevant history of the reservoirs, as well as numerous requests for specific conditions and oversight, primarily as a means of preserving their integrity, ensuring that the disconnection is reversible, and maintaining water as the primary feature of any future use.

South Tabor is seeing a heightened rise in land use review notices and we have a newly-elected Neighborhood Land Use Chair. Welcome neighbor volunteer Shem Harding and thank you to Eric Lozano who is stepping down from the position. Development is happening around the city, houses are being demolished for larger complexes and this would be an opportune time to share your opinions about how development shapes up near you. Currently in South Tabor there are two homes which are slated for demolishing; one of which will be re-built with 9 units. The second lot’s future is uncertain at this time.

Brenda Reddaway was officially nominated as the new Communications Chair. In an effort to increase communications, the Welcome Committee headed by former board members Ute Munger and Aron Goffin, is asking for monies toward ‘welcome bags’ for neighbors. This has been a sole volunteer effort in the past, but could use the funding and support of STNA and volunteers.

STNA Communications is proposing to put out an annual newsletter that would offer a synopsis of the year and year in projection as well as advertise the neighborhood’s main fundraising event, the spring clean up. Funding both projects is estimated at $1900. We will apply for our annual communications fund from SE Uplift to cover nearly $800 of the cost, pending approval.

Franklin High School will be undergoing an extensive modernization. South Tabor voted in support of Shem Harding’s drafted guidelines to be asked of the design and construction process at the City of Portland hearing for this issue.

There were seven points in the letter, which briefly included limited construction hours, more landscaping plants on the south side, more garbage cans, and No Idling signs on Woodward St., where buses gather. Further, the letter asks for more benches for outside seating as well as to have a hotline for neighbors to call in the case of vandalism, safety issues, parking problems etc. Lastly, they are asking to maintain current access from Woodward St. to Division St. with the existing pathway at the base of Franklin’s parking lot.

STNA is actively seeking neighbors to fill board positions. Positions currently open:  Sustainability Chair, Treasurer, SE Uplift Delegate, SE Uplift Land Use and Transportation Rep.

If you’d like to be involved, or have a project you’d like to share and get support for, come to the next meeting in January- the third Thursday of the month. Connect with us: by going to and join your neighborhood email list. Follow the group and association pages on Facebook too.


South Tabor December 2014

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