Buckman February 15



By Susan Lindsay


Lots going on in Buckman as 2015 gets underway! The Board and General Membership meets Thursday, Feb. 12 and the BCA Land Use meeting is on Feb. 19. Board starts at 6:20 pm, General at 7 pm and Land Use at 7 pm. All are held in the Multnomah County Board Room, 501 SE Hawthorne Blvd.

New development, its planning and impacts are again in the BCA forefront. On Feb. 12, a proposed new residential tower at 7th and SE Morrision St. where Oregon Ballot stands will be reviewed.

The SE Quadrant Comprehensive Plan Team will give an update on vast zoning changes proposed in the Central Eastside (area west of 12th Ave.) and hear your feedback and comments, and we will finally discuss and iron out our ever challenging Buckman Zone 2 “leaf day” concerns. “To tow or not to tow”…that really is the question.

More on Washington High and the efforts to upzone portions of Stark St.

Finally, the BCA Board currently has an open position and we’d love to fill it. Nominations will be accepted at the meeting Feb. 12 with election to follow. Consider joining the board and helping to shape the future of your neighborhood. Refreshments will be served at the meeting and join us afterwards for socializing and more neighborhood talk at the nearby Lucky Lab.

Buckman February 15

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