Neighborhood Notes Richmond May 2015

By Jordan Lanz and Allen Field


Richmond Neighborhood Association held its monthly meeting on April 13, at Waverly Heights Church at SE 33rd and Woodward St.  Meetings are held in the church basement; enter from the east-side door. The RNA’s website is

There was a request by Ingrid McTaggart for a 120 day demolition delay on a house at 4813 SE Brooklyn, recently purchased by Joel Morrison, a developer. Mr. Morrison bought the lot, partitioned it and plans to build 2 homes on the site, which triggered the 120 day demolition delay code section. Ms. McTaggart wishes to buy and move the existing house to a lot near Franklin High School.

Mr. Morrison was in favor of moving the house but opposed the 120 day delay.  The RNA Board voted to file for a 120 day demolition delay to allow Ms. McTaggart time to move the house. Subsequent to the meeting, McTaggart and Morrison reached an agreement to request the RNA not to file for the 120 delay and for her to buy the house and have 50 days to move the house.  Accordingly, the RNA did not request the 120 day demolition delay.

On April 20, the new code section (24.55.200) on residential demolition delay went into effect. (See for information.) An outline of the new code requirements can be found on the RNA’s website.

A presentation was made by local artist Gary Hirsch to create a mural on the east wall of a D Street Village building at 3020 SE Division St. as part of Portland Bot Stories mural project. He was asking for a letter of support for a grant application to Regional Arts & Culture Council for the project. His proposed mural for the building (D Street Village) had already been approved by the building owner.

The board voted to provide a letter of support for his proposal for a mural in Richmond, with the caveat that he explore if an alternative location is available (2729 SE Division St. was discussed). If the owner of an alternative location grants permission, then he will present the alternative location to the Board at the May meeting.  If an alternative location is not found or the owner does not grant permission, Board Members also voiced their support for his moving forward with his original proposal and location.

Barry Manning, from the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability, explained the Mixed Use Zones Project. BPS is in the process of creating new commercial and mixed-use zones and focusing future development in corridors and city centers along main thoroughfares. They are working to simplify the current codes and reduce the number of mixed use zones from nine to four.  For more information, see

The next RNA meeting will be Monday May 11, 7 – 9 pm at the Waverly Heights Church.

Neighborhood Notes Richmond May 2015

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