Sidestreet Gallery, 140 SE 28th,  is very pleased to present the work of sculptor and mixed media artist Allyson Clark.  Allyson studied at Southern Oregon University and now lives in Portland where she makes magical environments of plants and people.  In addition to these magically surreal small vignettes, she creates wondrous plant lights of Paper and wire.  Her attention to detail combined with a sure hand and a clear vision makes this body of work truly remarkable.

a3-blooms1Clark often has visions of faerie wings as I am drifting off to sleep. My art is influenced by the psychedelic art of the 1960-70’s, Art Nouveau, many of the contemporary fantasy artists, and most importantly Mama Nature. I am often obsessively creating winged beings with my art, or I am trying to find ways to transform humans into faeries through costuming.

503 233 1204