Astromusik is a new book exploring the mystery of musical communication itself. SE author  Ezra Sandzer-Bell attempts to name and describe a psychic technology operating beneath the threshold of awareness, by which musical meaning is created and shared.

In Sandzer-Bell’s early musical family. his father played piano and his mother played flute. Studying music theory and ear training in college, he found it troubling that no one could give him a straight answer to: why twelve notes within an octave? Why seven notes in a diatonic scale? Why three notes in a chord?

Exploring the philosophical ideals of musicians who lived during Western music’s formative years, he saw it was modeled on a sophisticated astro-theological metaphor invented by Ancient Greeks called the Harmony of the Spheres.

The book ventures into the Harmony of the Spheres, and attributes unique musical tone-colors to the orbital spin of each planet. In the book, Astromusik also includes contemplations of Western music theory, Kabbalah, near death experiences and Chaos Magick.

The book is available at Powell’s, New Renaissance, the Third Eye, Sound Grounds, and online at the author’s website,