Bella: Not Just a Pretty Face

by Michelle Frost


Best known for her modeling career, Bella the dog is the face of Hawthorne Auto Clinic, Inc. appearing in every issue of The Southeast Examiner.

Bella and Luna
Bella and Luna

Aside from professional posing, she keeps regular hours as an office assistant at the auto shop and goes by the nickname ‘Bells’.

Bella is a Rat Terrier, whelped in Colton, Oregon and a native beauty who celebrated her 11th birthday this past June. Her favorite companions are Luna, her apprentice, and a Cuban cousin, Lolita. Her human adoptive parents are Liz and Jim, human brother, Steven, and human sister, Helen.

Other admirers include the office staff at Hawthorne Auto, Terica and Sarah, as well as the technicians, and all of the parts delivery people who bring her biscuits.

“Bella loves riding in the car, especially when there’s a hike and huckleberries at the end of the drive. Her favorite dog park is at Sellwood Riverfront Park (but she won’t swim, hates water like a cat!),”  according to Liz Dally at Hawthorne Auto.

When asked about her favorite toys and tricks, Dally reports, “Any toy that squeaks is a big hit. She will eviscerate stuffed toy rats and other rodents. She stands on her hind legs and dances for treats.”

Bella has worked at Hawthorne Auto since she was adopted at 7 weeks of age in 2004. “She’s taken charge of quality control at Hawthorne Auto,” Dally confesses.

Summer plans for Bella? “Lying in the sun whenever possible – the hotter the better, and sleeping under her blanket in the office (wishing her humans would turn off the air conditioner).”

Hawthorne Auto will be offering this special in August, “Free doggie kisses all month long”. To schedule an appointment for your FREE BELLA KISS call 503.234.2119 or email: Hawthorne Auto Clinic, Inc. is located at 4307 SE Hawthorne Blvd./

Bella: Not Just a Pretty Face

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