Yep! The Zymoglyphic Museum and Bathtub Art Museum are two different museums together at the same location: 211 SE Madison St. #20.

Each First Friday is a different theme. The October show is Oddly Curious Museums and both spaces explore the theme.

aleatherwing_bigDescribed as “the world’s finest collection of artistic detritus”, The Zymoglyphic Museum website’s definition is twofold: 1. Of, or pertaining to, images of fermentation, specifically the solid residue of creative fermentation on natural objects and 2. The collection and arrangement of objects, primarily either natural or weathered by natural forces, for poetic effect. Got that?

Curator Carye Bye says the Bathtub Art Museum collection now has 400 postcards, two or more dozen valentines, and other strange things like doll bathtubs, miniatures and a real couch made from a bathtub.

Next time the folks back home ask what’s cool about Portland, you’ll really impress them. First you must call 503.248.4454 to make an appointment to see the Oddly Curious show and plan ahead for the next First Friday November 6. See for more.