Portland radio hero Per Fagereng’s first book, Jack Moloney’s Century has just been published. It’s the story of young Moloney beginning at the turn of the 21st century and following him through to the year 2080.

Growing up in Derry, in British-occupied Ireland, Moloney lobs a mortar round into an army camp and then escapes to New York with a cruise ship job. It’s the year 2000 and the United States is the world’s great power. By the time Moloney’s 80 years have passed, the US is in pieces, and he’s made his way across the country through Chicago, the Great Plains and points west. ending his life in a place called Cascadia.

Cheap oil, banks and mighty war machines are all gone. Wars are fought by roving bands of armed people on foot, old nations break apart and new ones are born. As it always had, all life depended on good land and water and people to do the work.

Fagereng has similarities in his own life, though from an earlier time: “When I was fifteen, I shipped out one summer on a Norwegian freighter. I worked in an Alaskan gold mine and drove a taxi cab in San Francisco, was copy editor and headline writer for the San Francisco Examiner, then moved to Oregon and built a house on the coast. In Portland, I worked as a letter carrier and postal clerk.”

The book is available through Smashwords at Barnes and Noble, Apple Books or by emailing him at phantom@hevanet.com. Read an online sample at tinyurl.com/nwhpk7d.