Letters to the Editor November 2015

Dear Editor,


I read the parking problem solution letter sent by Steve Gutman.

I completely disagree with part 2 of his submission. I own my own house in SE PDX and pay abominable taxes on it. I categorically refuse to support paying to park in front of it. I lived in New York, DC and Boston and one thing I like about where I live does not have to deal with parking systems like those cities use. Further, his idea that residents should pay $50 PER MONTH is utterly unrealistic. That is $600 a year! And it’s not even tax deductible. That is just crazy. Further, it is not enforceable.

If a neighborhood did enact such a system, car parkers would all shift to other non-permit areas, forcing those to enact such systems, and before long, Portland starts to feel like New York.

There are better ways to fund street maintenance – such as a motorized vehicle mileage fee, a bicycle registration fee or bike purchase surcharge, and fees/surcharges for studded tires.

There have to be other, reasonable means to manage parking.


Rod Richards

Letters to the Editor November 2015

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