Richmond Nov 15

By Callie Jones

The Richmond Neighborhood Association held its monthly meeting on October 12, at Waverly Heights Church at SE 33rd and Woodward St. RNA meetings are held every second Monday of the month in the church’s basement. The RNA’s website is

The Annual Neighborhood Tree Planting with Friends of Trees is on December 6. Trees are only $35. The deadline to order is by November 16. To order, go to their website,

Rich Newlands from Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) updated the RNA on the Clinton Greenway Enhancement Project, which seeks to address issues primarily associated with auto volumes and speeds on SE Clinton St. PBOT will hold an additional meeting Thursday, November 5 at Waverly Church from 7-8:30 pm for neighbors to learn more about project proposals in Richmond.

Paul Steele, representing the group to protect 100+ year old Doug Fir trees at two development sites (4110 SE Clinton, in Richmond, and the other in Eastmoreland), came to talk about the Portland Tree Code and the need to have it revised. Paul discussed the importance of trees to social health and to curb our carbon footprint and climate change. Paul encouraged us to write to the city’s Commissioners to ask for an emergency moratorium until February when they will open up the Tree Code. Everett Custom Homes, the developer in both cases, will attend the November RNA meeting.

The next RNA Land Use meeting will be Monday, November 2, at Waverly Church at 7 pm. PSU Professor Dr. Matthew Gebhardt will talk about housing development policies and why the cost of housing is getting so expensive. The developer of a 5-unit building at SE 30th and Franklin St., which involves a teardown, will present. There will be a discussion on the Portland Comprehensive Plan, and the committee will draft a letter of recommendation to be presented to the RNA board in November.

The Division Design Initiative meets every fourth Thursday at SE Uplift from 6:30 – 8:30 pm.

The Next RNA meeting will be on November 9. The December meeting has been moved up a week, to December 7.

Richmond Nov 15

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