Division Street retrospective

By Jean Baker

The year’s end seems like a fine time to recognize and celebrate the many businesses in Division/Clinton that have existed for decades, and form the backbone of the redeveloped and revised area as we move into 2016.

1914 – Clinton St. Theater opened in 1914. It is the oldest business in Division/Clinton and the oldest continuously operating movie theater in the northwest, one of the longest running theaters in the country AND Rocky Horror Picture Show has been playing there since April 1978.

1946 – Andy Anders started Anders Printing in 1946. Earl and Jill Stuart have passed the business on to Brandon Butcher and Steven Pailthorp who remain focused on printing business stationery and wedding invitations. The Stuarts both served as D/CBA board  members and the business continues to offer generous discounts for printing D/CBA projects.

1967 – Dan and David Louie opened Shanghai Company in 1967 in an old warehouse. They moved across the street to 2800 SE Division, spiffed up the brick building, and recently renamed the business Shanghai DJL Company.

1980 – Ross Langlitz started making leather motorcycle clothing in 1947. The business grew into Langlitz Leathers and moved into the shop at 24th and Division in 1980.  The business is now run by Ross’ granddaughter Judy Langlitz.

1986 – Opened in 1986 by Glenn Lambert, Division Hardware has provided almost everything for do-it-yourself homeowners in Hosford Abernethy and Richmond.

Recently remodeled and expanded, the business continues to change to meet the needs of the neighborhood.  Lambert was president of Division/Clinton when it was Division Street Merchants and remained involved until he retired. The business is now run by his wife Kathy and son John.

1987 – Tom’s Restaurant at 39th and Division was opened by Tom Belesiu in 1975. Tom’s is now run by his daughter Antoinette Papailiou and her husband Panagiotis Papailiou.

1988 – John Martinson started All Around Automotive in 1988 at 50th and Division and later moved to 3434 SE Division.

In 2015, All Around Automotive celebrated 27 years serving the area, changing its name to All Around automotive, Inc. John Martinson III was named as president.

1989 – Hollywood Impress opened in 1989 at 47th and Division. It is a union print shop and a strong supporter of Division/Clinton. Pat Robinson is a second generation owner.

Also, Courtyard Plaza opened for active seniors at the corner of 60th and Division, replacing a reservoir.  The engine house still exists, a beautiful old stone building facing the intersection.  The Courtyard has expanded to two other buildings, serving residents in increasing need of care.

1992 – Dennis Jenkins has been operating Ace’s Quick Cash, a registered pawn shop, at 49th and Division, since 1992.  Jenkins also specializes in vintage auto repair.

1993 – Edwin Jon Hagen opened Longfellow’s Books in 1993 at 14th and Division and the shop celebrated its 22nd birthday this year.  He continues to operate Longfellow’s, one of the oldest existing bookstores in Portland.

Judy Wallace opened The Serenity Shop on the corner of 37th and Division and continues to offer inspirational and self-care books and items.

1994 – Reel–M-Inn – Bill and Sherri Purdy took over the old Hogan’s and opened Reel M’ Inn in 1994. Longtime employee Paul Meno continues the business as the new owner.

1995 – Family Medicine from OHSU opened at Richmond clinic at 39th and Division in 1995 and this year celebrated their 20th birthday and the 50th birthday of Community Health Clinics. OHSU opened a walk-in clinic at 42nd in 2013.

Brad Smith and Susan Prior started Hot Pepper in 1995 to design for web, print and film. They repurposed an empty warehouse at 34th offering space to Lauro Kitchen, the first of the many restaurants that brought Division to national fame.

Hot Pepper has expanded to include hosting technical conferences exploring the future of web and mobile design.

1996 – Emerson House opened as the first assisted living business on Division in 1996, creating the first new, tall multistory building on the street.

1999 – Duane Sorenson started Stumptown coffee in 1999 and as he grew, moved his roasters from 34th to 45th and Division.  Duane has since expanded to Woodsman Tavern and owns businesses in other states.


101 years is an awesome record considering that many small businesses close within five years. These stalwarts of our street get their staying power because they serve us and we go to them. They’ve provided a steady, stable presence for decades and Division/Clinton is thankful for them.

Division Street retrospective

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