Richmond April 2016

By Elisabeth Varga

Richmond Neighborhood Association held its monthly meeting Monday, March 14, at Waverly Heights Church at SE 33rd and Woodward St.

This month’s meeting focused on Committee Reports. On behalf of the Election Reform Committee, Chair Luisa Simone presented recommendations developed over the last six months by the Committee, covering everything from candidate and voter eligibility, to voter requirements, board recruitment and election process. The recommendations will be considered and voted on by the RNA Board at the next meeting April 11. The Election Reform Committee recommendations summary, along with all meeting notes, can be found on the RNA website.

Other committee updates included an overview by Heather Flint Chatto of the work conducted by the Division Design Committee. The Division Design Initiative (DDI) has Top 10 Policy Recommendations and comprehensive design guidelines, which they are working to refine and narrow down for broad use by neighborhoods, architects, developers and others.

As part of the Top 10 Policy Recommendations, DDI also presented the proposed RNA Notification and Community Engagement Policy, a process that requires developers to present proposed projects in the neighborhood to the neighborhood association. For a summary of all presented committee reports, visit the RNA website meeting minutes.

As part of the Crime and Safety Report, Officer Maxey briefed the neighborhood on the homelessness toolkit, a resource to assist the community with the significant increase in homeless camping throughout the city. The toolkit can be found on the City’s website at:

Finally, it’s that time of year again to clear out your basements and purge your garages! The date for the annual RNA Cleanup with the YouPriceIt Rummage and Plant Sale has been set. Rain or shine, bring your unwanted items to the Central Christian parking lot at 1844 Cesar Chavez Blvd on May 21. For information or to sign up to volunteer, email .

To learn more about what’s going on in the Richmond Neighborhood or to get more involved, visit and/or join us at the next RNA board meeting Monday, April 11 at Waverly Heights UCC, 3300 SE Woodward St., 7 – 9 pm (meetings are held in the church basement; enter from the eastside door).

Look forward to seeing you there!

Richmond April 2016

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