South Tabor June 16

By Sandra Hay Magdaleno

STNA General Meeting and Elections, Thursday, May 19, 2016

Our May meeting is general elections meeting night.  All positions except president are up for election or re-election on even years.  The slate that was nominated, voted and approved is as follows:

Vice President:   Anet Ris-Kelman; Treasurer:  Tin Li; Secretary:  Sandra Hay Magdaleno

Sustainability Chair:  Sandra Hay Magdaleno

As you can see, we are still looking for Communications Chair, SE Uplift Delegate, SEUL Land Use and Transportation Chair and Neighborhood Land Use Chair.  Please contact either or for information on the open positions and their duties and time commitments.   There are so many of you who have expressed interest in the myriad of land use issues facing our community.   There is much development throughout the neighborhood.  Please, your input and wise counsel will be very much appreciated.  It’s your neighborhood.  Let your voice be heard.

Next, Mike Masat from Rose Community Development, Sauri Rajbaidya from Sera Architects and France Fitzpatrick from The Housing Development Center presented on the JAMS space on 82nd and SE Division. (The old Furniture Store)  The building is currently owned by METRO and Rose Community Development will eventually be the owner.  The building has to meet parameters for affordable housing, high density and public transportation.   It is proposed to have on the first floor, mostly commercial and some public space, with approximately 2-3 small apartments and 12 residential parking spaces with parking entry from SE 81st.  The remaining 3 floors would be affordable housing apartments for a total of 48 units, mostly 1 and/or 2 bedrooms and a few studios.  The affordability is 60% of the local median income.   This must stay affordable for 60 years.   There was a public meeting in April and there is likely to be another public meeting on June 6, 2016 most likely at 7pm at the JAMS building where the construction will take place.   Shem Harding, our now past STNA Neighborhood Land Use Chair, will draft a letter of support to be reviewed and approved at the June STNA meeting.

STREET PAINTING PARTY: Come join us for the Street Paining on SE 67th and SE Woodward June 10 -12, 2016.  To sign-up to participate contact:   SEE YOU THERE!

We will be having Sustainability/Visioning/Land Use Committee meetings on the Tuesday before the regularly scheduled STNA meetings, which are the 3rd Thursday each month but December.   For June the Sustainability/Visioning/Land Use Committee meeting will be on Tuesday, June 14th from 7 – 8:30 pm and the STNA meeting will be Thursday, June 16 from 7 – 8:30 pm.  Both meetings will be held at Trinity Fellowship at 2700 SE 67th with entrance from the parking in the back.   All are welcome.

South Tabor June 16

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