The music goes on for another season of concerts, song swaps and open mics at Café Artichoke. This month is a triple header of outstanding perfomers playing at 3130 SE Hawthorne Blvd. There are classes, workshops and lots more at Tickets are $15

• Sunday, September 11, 7 pm

Dick Weissman’s memoir

Dick Weissman’s memoir

Colorado composer, songwriter, studio musician, record producer, professor, and author of 22 books about music, Dick Weissman. is in concert celebrating his new CD, Night Sky and a new memoir: The Music Never Stops: A Musical Journey Into The Music of the Unknown, the Forgotten, the Rich and The Famous.

Weissman weaves stories from his book with original instrumentals and songs. In the second half of the show, Dick will be joined by the amazing Mitch Iimori, who plays oboe, clarinet, bass clarinet, and any of his 15 or so instruments he is in the mood to play.

• Sunday, September 17, 8 pm. Minneapolis folk singer-songwriters Curtis and Loretta celebrate a new recording When There’s Good to Be Done, a song cycle of real life stories of people who overcome major challenges.

Curtis & Loretta

Curtis & Loretta

Curtis and Loretta’s extraordinary harmonies and variety of stringed instruments cradle their handcrafted originals and traditional pieces from the British Isles and America. Folk harp, mandocello, guitars, clawhammer banjo, and National steel ukulele, plus a bit of kazoo, harmonica, and shakers. Curtis met Loretta on the beach in Santa Cruz in 1977 and did a show together later that very evening. Local favorite James Faretheewell opens the show.

Saturday, Oct. 1, 8 pm

SE Portland’s Stephen Cohen has lived in a tree house in the mountains, in geodesic domes and makeshift shacks in several communes and is a performing, recording and visual artist using voice, cigar box guitars, acoustic guitar and a one of a kind miniature guitar in one of a kind performances.

In 1979, Cohen and his friends recorded Tree People a highly-regarded and very collectible psychedelic folk album recorded during a weekend at The Rockin’ A Ranch in Greenleaf, Oregon.

His new single is Miniature Planet, a musical contemplation like no other so very relevant in these fractured times of hairpin turns and rivers that turn many colours. Stream it online at See